Author = {Callmeier, Ulrich and Eisele, Andreas and Sch{\"a}fer, Ulrich and Siegel, Melanie},
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	Abstract = {The research performed in the DeepThought project aims at demonstrating the potential of deep linguistic processing if combined with shallow methods for robustness. Classical information retrieval is extended by high precision concept indexing and relation detection. On the basis of this approach, the feasibility of three ambitious applications will be demonstrated, namely: precise information extraction for business intelligence; email response management for customer relationship management; creativity support for document production and collective brainstorming. Common to these applications, and the basis for their development is the XML-based, RMRS-enabled core architecture framework that will be described in detail in this paper. The framework is not limited to the applications envisaged in the DeepThought project, but can also be employed e.g. to generate and make use of XML standoff annotation of documents and linguistic corpora, and in general for a wide range of NLP-based applications and research purposes.}