Author = {Becker, Markus and Drozdzynski, Witold and Krieger, Hans-Ulrich and Piskorski, Jakub and Sch{\"a}fer, Ulrich and Xu, Feiyu},
   Title = {SProUT - Shallow Processing with Typed Feature Structures and Unification},
   BookTitle = {Proceedings of the International Conference on NLP (ICON 2002). December 18-21},
   Address= {Mumbai, India},
   Abstract = {We present SProUT, a platform for the development of multilingual shallow text processing systems. A grammar in SProUT consists of a set of rules, where the left-hand side is a regular expression over typed feature structures (TFSs), representing the recognition pattern, and the right-hand side is a sequence of TFSs, specifying how the output structure looks like. The reusable core components fo SProUT are a finite-state machine toolkit, a regular compiler, a typed feature structure package, and a finite-state machine interpreter.},
   Year = {2002} }