Ant Documentation

This page contains information for internal SProUT developers working with SVN and Apaches ant build tool for JAVA-based applications.

See the Ant documentation for SProUT for a full documentation.

An ant target dependency graph of the central SProUT build file generated with ant2dot can be found here.

There is also a generated antdoc documentation (available for DFKI LT staff only) for build.xml (generated with ./ant antdoc).

Generated Javadoc documentation (available for DFKI LT staff only).

The Ant 1.7.0 manual is here, for further documentation on ant see below ('Official docs').

The book Version Control with Subversion (available online) gives an introduction to SVN.

Ant for SProUT - Quick start

If you have checked out the SProUT sources, do a

cd src

then edit the script file

./ant (ant.bat on Windows)

You may want to adjust the JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME paths.

To start ant with a SProUT-specific target, run

./ant <target(s)>

The following command lists available SProUT targets

./ant -projecthelp

Some SProUT targets require parameters, they are passed using -D<param>=<value>, e.g.

./ant -Dlang=de compile_ne

For a short overview of ant command line syntax see

./ant -help

Official docs from