Non-profit research licence

Education institutions and non-profit research institutes may use SProUT platform free-of-charge for non-commercial research and instruction. Non-profit research licensees have full access to SproUT. Basic support is provided as resources permit. See also a general research software license for quick overview of the scope of such licence.

Any use of SProUT software, in binary any form, in a commercial setting or application (e.g., use within a for-profit business, use to generate intellectual property for patents, or use to implement a consulting contract) for any reason, purpose or goal is commercial use of SProUT software and thus requires a Commercial use license from DFKI GmbH.

Evaluation Licence

Companies and private institutions may be granted a time-limited license for a lightweight version of the SProUT platform for evaluation purposes.

Commercial use license

DFKI GmbH offers a commercial license for users that wish to use SProUT tools in their business. Pricing information and licensing details are available by contacting us directly at: